Amazing Skin

I intend to post once a week.  I will be posting about skin anatomy and function, skincare products, book reviews, and skin care recipes!  I want this to be a fun informative site that you look forward to once a week.

So, lets start with why we want to pay attention to what we are putting on our skin.  As most of you have heard, the skin is our largest organ.  It is an amazing organ that has many function.  Here are a few:

Regulates our temperature by making perspiration

Gets rid of some of the body’s waste products

Helps protect us from sun damage by manufacturing melanin

Produces oil to keep itself comfortable

Synthesizes Vitamin D we need for strong bones

Self-heals the cuts, nicks, scrapes, bruises and burns we inflict on it

Pretty amazing, right?  We need to need to keep our skin healthy so that it can perform it’s many jobs.  If taken care of correctly, it will reward us with glowing, healthy looking skin.  I am pretty sure that is what we all want!


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