Getting back the glow

When I stopped using harsh products I immediately noticed a glow to my skin.   Now, I suffer from adult acne so I still see some blemishes.  That is something I have to work on internally with my food choices and supplements.  But, now that my skin is not as dried out, my makeup goes on so  much better!  My skin is not as flaky or red as it used to be.  Let me explain why this has happened.

The skin’s outer layer is the stratum corneum.  This outer layer contains most of the skin’s antiaging, antiwrinkling, and antibacterial protection, and it is the skin’s primary sunscreen.  To optimize your skin’s function and ecology you must recover and maintain the stratum corneum.   We harm this layer when we use too many alpha hydroxy acids and harsh products daily on our skin.

The skin also has something called the hydrolipid barrier which retains water.  It is the skin’s waterproof seal that is broken by harsh product regimens.  This barrier is the primary defense against foreign substances, drying, and wrinkling.

The skin’s acid   mantle is made of sweat, mature skin cells, bacteria and sebum.  It is the optimum surface skin environment.  The acid mantle is a naturally low-pH skin surface.  It protects against bacteria.  It can easily be destroyed by harsh skin products.  We must restore the acid mantle in order to control our skin problems.

How do we recover the skin by restoring the natural protection and ecology our skin was meant to have?  The first step is to be careful with exfoliating.  Do not over do it!  Next, you must stop using products with irritating ingredients.   Cleansers with sodium lauryl sulfates can cause the skin to become dry and sensitive.  There are effective ways to cleanse the skin without stripping it.  Cleansers containing natural antimicrobial essential oils can help to normalize sebum production without harming the skin’s natural barrier.    Moisturizers with polysorbates or other emulsifiers can dry out the lipid barrier.  Using an oil that is similar to our own sebum is the answer to this.  Jojoba, apricot kernel, sweet almond, squalene, and emu are good ones to try.

Try this for a week and see for yourself!


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