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Inexpensive Indulgence

Epsom Salt Bath

Add two cups of Epsom Salt to the water in your bathtub; soak for at least 12 minutes, three times weekly. For an extra treat, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a refreshing scent.

Dissolved in a bath, Epsom Salt is absorbed through the skin to replenish the body’s levels of magnesium. Studies indicate this may help to relieve stress in a number of ways, including:

  • Raising the body’s level of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of well being and relaxation.
  • Offsetting excess levels of adrenaline generated by pressure and stress; magnesium ions relax and reduce irritability by lowering the affects of adrenaline.
  • Helping to regulate the electrical functions that spark through miles of nerves.
  • Lowering blood pressure.

Researchers have found that magnesium also increases energy and stamina by encouraging the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the energy packets made in the cells. Experts recommend soaking with Epsom Salt at least three times a week to look better, feel better and have more energy.

*This information was taken straight from the Epsom Salt Council Website


Clay Masks

At one time I didn’t give much thought to clay masks.  I didn’t think they were that great.  After much reading and using them on my clients I have changed my mind.  Clay is extremely mineral rich, which is why it is so good for the skin.  As it dries, it actually raises the temperature of the skin, encouraging toxin and excess sebum removal.   All clay masks gently exfoliate as they tighten, stimulate circulation, remineralize and soften the skin.  Because you can custom any clay mask, it is gentle enough to be used by anyone.  If mixed with water, a clay mask makes a great overnight pimple treatment.  The clay absorbs excess oil during the night and aids in the healing of blemishes.   Avoid clay masks if you have very dry skin since they draw oil from the skin.

Here are some different clays to try:

White Clay- best for sensitive, mature and delicate skin, gentle enough for everyone to use

Green Clay- sometimes called French green clay, best for oily, acneic and combination because it aids in reducing sebum production

Red Clay- best for normal skin

Fuller’s Earth Clay- best for oily and acneic, has skin lightening ability

So, please do not overlook a clay mask.  Clay can be blended with milk, honey, eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, lemon juice, aloe vera, herbs and essential oils to really make a custom mask just for your particular skin type.  I hope you get a chance to try one for yourself!

Yogurt Mask

A yogurt mask is a wonderful inexpensive indulgence!  This is my all time favorite mask.  Yogurt comes in cow sheep or cow varieties.  You can buy full-fat, low-fat or nonfat.  Try and purchase raw yogurt, if it is readily available.  Yogurt acts as a mild, nonabrasive, bleaching exfoliant.  It contains lactic acid, which helps dissolve dead-skin cells.  It leaves behind soft, evenly toned skin.  It can be used on all skin types!*

Apply a thin layer of yogurt over your entire face.  Relax for up to 40 minutes (if you have the time, if not 15 is good).   Rinse your face and apply toner and/or moisturizer.  You will see how soft your skin is.


*Information from the book”Organic Body Care Recipes” by Stephanie Tourles.

Inexpensive Indulgence

Here is one way to treat yourself at home.  It is a wonderful way to pamper yourself and nourish your skin.

Honey Mask

Cleanse your skin.  Take about a teaspoon of honey and massage it onto your face.  Leave the honey mask on for ten minutes.  Rinse with warm water.  Your skin will feel soft and smooth.

Honey is very beneficial.  It is a humectant, so it will attract water to your skin cells and then lock it in.  It also has antimicrobial properties, so it’s great for many skin types including acne prone and dry.

So, put a honey mask on and get into a bubble bath or cozy up with a good book.  Indulge yourself and nourish your skin!

*Please be aware of any allergies and do a patch test first.