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Sugar! Sugar?

Yes, it tastes good and we know we should avoid it….but here is what sugar does to you:

  • causes insulin resistance
  • feeds cancer cells
  • causes varicose veins
  • feeds candida yeast
  • compromises your immune system for hours after you eat it
  • wrinkles your skin
  • ages your body
  • causes inflammation
  • fluid retention
  • raises your triglyceride levels
  • depletes nutrients in the body

Do I have your attention now?  Please think twice about eating sugar laden goodies.  Try putting stevia or xylitol in your tea.  You can even bake with xylitol.  You can find these sugar substitutes in your local health foods store.  This is a good step toward better health and better skin.

*Information about sugar was taken from “The Truth About Beauty” by Kat James.